Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brag, Brag, Brag

Ok...I think...I just might have...Maybe...

I think I learned how to make my own background templates for my blog. The trouble I'm having is getting the sizing right. What does it look like from your screen? I'd welcome any comments!!

Now, I realize this isn't fancy! :) Give me a break...I'm just learning how to do this. LOL! I definitely don't want to spend a lot of time on them yet if they don't look right. My backside is already going numb from taking so stinkin' long learning how to do this! Sigh...if I only knew a little more about technology! :)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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ng said...

Brown and pink, your favorite ---- how could you go wrong??? Simple yes, but still really cute.

Charity said...

Very cute! I am getting a blue border, though. Is it supposed to be there? Do we get a tutorial on background creation??? :)

Peggy B. said...

Looks okay on my end.