Monday, January 26, 2009

My Little Cupboard

As I hop around all the different card blogs, I enjoy seeing everyone's workspace-all the neat little organization tips, fun decorating ideas, and wowing at all the stuff some people have!!!
Within the past few months, my husband and I moved from a 4 bedroom house to a much smaller 2 bedroom house! Since then we've had a wonderful blessing in the form of a beautiful girl! So, needless to say, I went from having my own scrapbook room, to nothing! However, I "NEEDED" my escape! :) I had to get rid of a lot of things, but with a lot of organizing, I still can enjoy my favorite pastime!

Every thing has it's place. The "idea" is to keep the boxes with the items you use most in a neat row on the table while you're working. That way you can put it back quickly. (Confession: It doesn't always work! Creativity isn't always neat. :-P) Then when you're finished, you can close the doors and hide the mess.

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1 comment:

Nicole Bailey said...

I love your scrap room. It's so must love going in there and creating. I love your new little cupboard it's so very pretty and all your stuff looks so "happy" in there. :O)
Thanks for sharing. :O)