Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Springtime @ DTC

Happy Tuesday! We're celebrating spring today at Digital Tuesday Challenge. Our sponsor is The Paper Nest Dolls. I chose to work with Sunflower Girl. She seemed perfect to help me decorate this "Sunshine Box" I made for a lady at our church who just found out she has breast cancer. The shoebox is from Yellow Box flip flops. Got my first pair this year!
Included in the box:
Stax Chips-"When life "stax" up against you."
Hand Soap-"Wash your worries away."
Lemonheads-"When life deals you lemons, have lemonheads."
Lotion-"Smooth your troubles away."
Air Freshener-"For when life stinks!"
Kleenex-"For obvious reasons."

She got a big kick out of this! Why not spread some "sunshine" to someone?post signature

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Sarah said...

What a wonderful creation to give! You are so thoughtful and the stamp is just perfect.

Amy Johnson said...

Such a cute gift box! So creative. Sorry you had to make it for such a sad occasion though.

Peggy B. said...

Proud of you kiddo! Love you, Momma